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Our Mission:

Be A Pro's goal is to provide each goaltender in Southwestern Ontario with the most up-to-date elite professional training in a fun and intense environment on and off the ice, so that every student will notice and feel improvements that will take them to the next level. Gravenhurst, 2006 We are committed to education and excellence, both on and off the ice, so that each student will be able to bring what they have learned into their everyday routines, we want to make better goalies but most of all better people.

We feel the best learning environment is through personal attention. We have no more than 18 goalies on the ice (even smaller in some areas) and have a student to instructor ratio of 2:1 (2 goalies per net). This means we will have a goalie instructor at each net. Some schools will count their shooters as instructors, so that they can boast they have low ratios, please do not be fooled, our instructors are trained to make you a better goalie, they are not just out there for "show". Enrollment is limited to ensure every goalie will get the attention they both need and deserve. We pride ourselves in having successful staff both on and off ice, because if you would like to be successful you must surround yourself with success.

Program Profile:

Be a Pro Goaltending School, 2006 Our students will learn a reaction based butterfly where LESS IS MORE. In just 2 years since Be A Pro's creation, we have come to be known as the best butterfly goalie school in Southwestern Ontario, so to become the BEST you must train with the BEST.

We stress good habits, technique, and game situations; we teach this through repetition, and muscle memory. Our style is very simple to learn and is for all ages, it's not practice makes perfect it's perfect practice makes perfect! That is why our instructors will both play the style and be extremely knowledgeable about the butterfly style. Everyday there is on ice video feedback given to the student. It is not one net set up to do this, but rather Scott going around recording the goalies and providing feedback on the video and to the goalie. At the end of each week the goalie will bring a USB so their feedback can be viewed as many times as they would like.

Off-ice program We stress quality instruction, not quantity of instructors. Our shooters will be shooting to develop our students not to score on them. The off-ice program is developed specifically for goaltenders, using advanced techniques including plyo-metric, cardio and metabolic training. Students will also be focusing on proper stretching technique to improve their flexibility and reduce injury. Everything done off the ice is helping our students become a better goaltender.

Finally, we will have a lecture period which covers topics such as nutrition, sports psychology, education, and equipment. At the end of each week, each student will be asked to contact Scott Dickie in order to receive a personal evaluation.

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Skills Covered On Ice at Be A Pro:
Our camps has an extremely successful curriculum which is a progression through skills and games situations to which they will apply those skills. Each ice session will focus on a specific skill and the game situations in which that skill will be applied. Each student will complete 7 drills: 4 technical development drills, 2 game situation drills, and 1 power skating drills.
All our drills involve position specific movements prior to shot, as well as an intense power skating drill which focuses on the specific skill for that session. Actually stopping the puck is only a small part of being a goalie, getting into the proper position, and getting there in enough time is more important, thus our focus in position specific movements.

Day 1
Session 1 - The foundation: Proper stance, butterfly, movement (visual tracking of the puck), rebound control, active hands and stick (the ability to properly deflect pucks to corners with blocker and stick)
Session 2 - Recoveries: Recoveries from knees to feet and knees to knees, following the rebound

Day 2
Session 1 - Slides: Butterfly slides, breakaways, backdoor plays, deflections, one timers
Session 2 - Screen shots: Proper location of the puck, proper reactions to screen shots, puck tracking, proper body position with a screen

Day 3
Session 1 - Post Coverage: Walk outs, centre shifts, wrap arounds, tracking the puck behind the net, proper post leg position Pass outs:''' Proper post and stick positioning, determining the most dangerous threat, proper depth and angle

Session 2 - Power Skating and Puck Handling: Edge control, an intense coverage of t-push, shuffle, power pushes, slides, forward and backwards skating, and conditioning, stopping the puck behind the net, proper puck handling decisions, shooting, passing, Goalie Hockey

Day 4
Session 1 - Review: An intense review of all skills learned through out the week, with a combination of everyone's favorite drills from the week
Session 2 - Skills Competition: Each drill will be a test of a specific skill covered during the week. This will allow the goalie to see how they react with the specific skill in a pressure situation

A Day at Be A Pro:

(times may vary depending on location)

8:30 - 10:00 am On Ice
10:20 - 11:20 pm Off Ice Workout (Dryland Training)
11:30 - 1:00 pm Lunch and Lecture
1:30 - 3:00 pm On Ice
3:20 - 4:30 pm Off Ice Workout (Flexibility Training)
4:30 pm Pick Up

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